The world's first aluminum earbuds

Sophisticated Sound

Fast wireless charging, dual 12mm carbon drivers for distortion-free sound, and smart proximity sensors, all set in an exquisitely designed aluminum housing.

Quality Speaks Volumes

Just like their sound, the reviews of the TWIG are loud and clear.

These new Twig true wireless earphones from Oddict have a ground-breaking design that makes Apple’s AirPods look rather dowdy and a bit dumpy.

The earbuds present highs clearly. With those notes cutting through despite pounding bass and mids are balanced throughout. That remained the case regardless of which media I was listening to. Or which genre.

Let’s say you like the Apple AirPods Pro, but you aren’t a fan of the $235 price tag. You could go for one of the thousands of knockoffs out there… Or you can go for a pair that are actually worth your time.

"Premium sound thanks to dual 12mm drivers"

Dual carbon, 12mm driver units for distortion-free sound reproduction. Customize your listening settings with our free app.

"Designed with you in mind, the earbuds and carrying case add a beautiful accent to any space"

TWIG is the first earphone to apply an aluminum cylinder to its design, giving it a luxurious and unique look.

"Silicon tips designed for all ear sizes"

The open ear design ensures comfort and stability for all users, the silicon ear tips enhance sound insulation and provide a snug fit without causing discomfort.

"Personalize your sound with the ODDICT APP"

The ODDICT app gives you full control of your sound profile and settings with equalizer / preset functions. Manage firmware updates, battery and connection history all through the app.

“IPX4 & Smart Play/Pause Functionality”

IPX4 water-and-sweat-resistant design keeps your earbuds protected during workouts and light rain. Smart Play/Pause’s automatic ear detection plays music when the earbuds are on and pauses it when you take them off.

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