TWIG Leather Case

Protect your TWIG without sacrificing style with our sophisticated, genuine leather case.


"Natural leather for timeless elegance and value"

The signature leather used in TWIG was designed to wear over time and develop a softer texture and an attractive worn look. The aluminum case of the Twig earbuds provides a contrasting visual against the leather face giving it a unique and sophisticated look.


"Convenient use and portability with added protection" 

Elegant and simple design allows for easy access to the earbuds without removing it from the case, while permitting both wired and wireless charging. Attachments and accessories can be added by simply using a metal ring and making it your own.

* A leather strap for added portability can be purchased separately.


"A minimalist design that teases what’s hiding inside"

The design of the case was made to a form fitting factor that perfectly wraps the curve of the TWIG. Subtle ODDICT logo in the back adds a finishing touch to this minimal design.


The official TWIG leather case is crafted in black to accentuate the luxuriously shiny aluminum face.


All manufacturing is done by hand. Natural cowhide has inherent elasticity and defects, so there may be slight gaps in the LED light and charging cable holes due to the nature of the material. This is not a defect so please be advised.


Natural Cowhide Case / Warranty Card & Fitting Guide

(Option: Natural Cowhide Strap)


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